Tomáš Herynek

Born in 1970 in Olomouc, lives and works in Prague. Trained as a wood and metal model maker, at the present works as a cabinet maker for Czech Television. A self-taught photographer. Began photographing in the early 90s, since 2007 his interest in photography has grown more serious.. His areas of photographic interest are rural as well as urban landscape, people, nature, portraits, sports. Recently he has also begun to follow photography of structures as independent images. His photos were published in Lidové Noviny, Foto-Video, Listy, Host and in various catalogues and web sites.

Solo exhibitions
2009 – Creatures of a Close Kind, Divadlo Hudby, Olomouc
2010 – Seized by an Eye, Kulturní centrum Novodvorská, Praha
2011 – Creatures of a Close Kind II, Galerie Jiřího Jílka, Šumperk
2013 – From the Series Along the Vltava, Galerie Josefa Sudka Na Úvoze, Praha

Group exhibitions
2010 – Human Age, Palacký University Olomouc, Filozofická fakulta, Katedra sociologie
2011 – Nude under a Palm-tree, Café 87, Muzeum moderního umění, Olomouc
2011 – Concretists in HK, Galerie U Přívozu, Hradec Králové
2012 – Concretists in Dobřichovice, Zámek a Furstův sál, Dobřichovice
2012 – Concrete Autumn, Galerie U Přívozu, Hradec Králové
2013 – 45 Years After, KK3 and Friends, Oblastní galerie Vysočiny, Jihlava